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Day Date Test-Paper Syllabus Free Paid
Sunday 5-Feb-17 Conservative Dentistry Full Portion Yes Yes
Sunday 12-Feb-17 Endodontics Full Portion No Yes
Sunday 19-Mar-17 Periodontics-1 Evidence-based decision making, the Normal periodontium, classification and epidemiology Of periodontal diseases, etiology of periodontal Diseases, relationship between periodontal Disease and systemic health, diagNosis, progNosis, And treatment plan No Yes
Sunday 26-Mar-17 Periodontics-2 Full Portion Yes Yes
Sunday 9-Apr-17 General Pharmacology inc. Anaesthesia General Pharmac and anaesthesia No Yes
Sunday 30-Apr-17 Oral Surgery 1 general and local anesthesia,medical emergencies, exodontia, impaction, and techniques of nerve block No Yes
Sunday 7-May-17 Oral Surgery 2 Full Portion Yes Yes
Sunday 11-Jun-17 Pedodontics Full Portion No Yes
Sunday 18-Jun-17 Orthodontics Full Portion No Yes
Sunday 2-Jul-17 Community Dentistry Full Portion No Yes
Sunday 9-Jul-17 Oral-path and Medicine-1 Developmental disorders of oral and para-oral structures.
Benign and malignant tumors
Tumors of salivary glands
Odontogenic cysts and tumors.  Diseases of bones and joint.
 Oral aspects of metabolic disease 
Sunday 16-Jul-17 Oral-path and Medicine-2 Diseases of skin
bacterial , viral and fungal
diseases of nerves and muscles
blood disorders
Injuries , repair and healing
allergic diseases of oral cavity
forensic odontology
( topics from previous paper also inculded ) 
Sunday 6-Aug-17 Radiology  Full Portion Yes Yes
Sunday 27-Aug-17 Prostho-CD and FPD Full Portion No Yes
Sunday 3-Sep-17 Prostho-RPD Full Portion Yes Yes
Thursday 19-Oct-17 SECTION 2 Section 2: Community Dentistry, Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, Radiology, Oral Surgery, Conservative Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Pedodontics and Prosthodontics. No Yes
Thursday 2-Nov-17 AIIMS mock test N2 Full Portion Yes Yes
Monday 6-Nov-17 NEET MOCK 1 Full Portion No Yes
Monday 13-Nov-17 NEET MOCK 2 Full Portion No Yes
Monday 20-Nov-17 NEET MOCK 3 Full Portion No Yes